Maritime Voice

The cost of satellite calls from offshore to onshore or vi-versa remains a challenge, especially when working to cut-off recurrent expenditures while maintaining effective business communications between the head office and the vessel, thus Network-to-Network (n2n) Call solution. This n2nCall maritime solution neither replace the International Maritime Organization (IMO) safety and operational standard nor suitable for distress emergency calls and safety requirement as specified by the IMO, rather it complements the existing communication infrastructure on the vessel while reducing the cost of communications between the offshore and onshore for effective business advantage with over 200% satellite call charges savings with our proprietary "Byte-saving Techniques" for low data usage.

n2nCall for Home and Businesses

n2nCall platform provides environment for users to actualized huge potential savings and greater scalability of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while in home or office. Businesses in virtually every sector of the economy rely on the Internet in the modern-day business environment to reach customers, promote their product and even widen their customer base. The platform is distinctly different from a traditional phone system, distance or location makes no difference, whether you are calling your head office on the other side of the country or making a call to the other side of the world. As long as you both have an internet connection, communication is possible.

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